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Certified ACE Trainer-English

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The certification holder has earned the Certified ACE Trainer–English (CAT–E) designation by demonstrating proficiency in the delivery of training for the ACT Certified Educator–English (ACE–E) certification program. In addition, the CAT–E certification holder has met the requirements of the ACE–E certification, including mastering the content of the training program, passing a content exam in English, and passing a knowledge-based assessment related to the structure and content of the ACT English Test, understanding and recommending test-taking strategies, and providing individualized tutoring.

By meeting the CAT–E requirements, the certification holder has met the standards set forth by ACT and has demonstrated the proficiency needed to train others seeking to attain the ACT Certified Educator–English credential.

Criteria to earn this badge

The certification holder has met the following requirements.
1. Read and agreed to the ACT Certified Educator Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
2. Met or exceeded the CAT benchmark for the ACT English Test, demonstrating the highly proficient level of understanding of the ACT English Test content needed to provide training to ACE–E candidates.
3. Completed the Certified ACE Trainer–English training program, or otherwise mastered the content of the ACE–E training program. The program includes training on: the provision of individualized tutoring related to the content of the ACT English Test; recommending relevant test-taking strategies; and provision of tailored tutoring related to the specific content of the ACT English Test.
4. Passed an ACT Certified Educator–English examination, indicating proficient knowledge of individualized tutoring strategies and techniques, as well as specific strategies related to the content of the ACT English Test that are needed to prepare students for the Test.
5. Undergone instruction related to delivery of the ACE–E training program and successfully provided co-training under the supervision of a master trainer.
6. Successfully passed an interview with and ACE Master Trainer.
7. Demonstrated the ability to effectively train the ACE–E curriculum in a simulated course delivery environment.
8. Agreed to be observed or have their performance otherwise audited periodically.
9. Agreed to participate in ongoing training as changes are implemented in the ACT English Test that are relevant to the ACE–E program.

The credential holder is authorized to use the CAT–E designation. The certification will be valid for two years from the date of award.

The CAT–E certification holder is bound by the standards of ACT related to the protection of ACT’s intellectual property. The CAT–E certification holder is required to demonstrate the highest levels of ethical behavior and professionalism as described in the Ethics and Integrity Statement. The certification is subject to revocation if ACT receives notice that those ethical standards are violated.